WiRE June 29 – Future Fuels

FUTURE FUELS: WHAT ALGAE MEANS FOR HAWAII.  What’s going on with the various algae-to-biofuel projects in Hawaii? How do they relate to each other and what do they mean for our energy future?  When will we be driving and flying on algae fuels; and what is needed from the energy community to help get there?  Join WiRE for a special opportunity to hear Kuehnle AgroSystems, Cellana, Hawaii Bioenergy and Phycal - four of the state’s leading tech companies – in a discussion moderated by Kay Fukunaga of the Ulupono Initiative.  The panel will be on Friday, June 29, from 8:00-9:30 am; breakfast is included.

Heidi Kuehnle, Chief Executive Officer of Kuehnle AgroSystems; Kay Fukunaga, Ulupono Initiative; Sean Baxter, Hawai‘i Project Manager of Phycal, Inc.; Xuemei Bai, Principal Scientist of Cellana; and, Joel Matsunaga, Chief Operating Officer of Hawaii BioEnergy, LLC.

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