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  1. administrator says:

    Great Hawaii Business article on women in business “Power Players:
    They offer a roadmap to get more women to the top”:

  2. administrator says:

    Cool article: Dudefest no more? Women are Infiltrating Cleantech

  3. Tina Sprague says:

    Where on the website is the sponsorship info? I want to send to my managers.


    Tina Sprague

  4. Ivory says:

    Women in Renewable Energy Worldwide! “Sustainable advancements of clean energy technologies will be an elusive goal without the contribution of women. ” Great piece coming out of Abu Dhabi!

  5. Catharine says:

    Thanks for all the inspiring and provocative discussions so far! I was wondering whether you guys (sorry, gals) could set up a facebook page that would allow WIRE members/friends to leverage each others’ existing networks and share (and spread) news, photos, announcements, event info, and relevant links?

    • administrator says:

      This is a great idea!! Is anyone a facebook connoisseur and might want to volunteer to create and manage a facebook page for WiRE?

  6. FYI on the following info from the U.S. Department of Labor: “Industry Sector Opportunities: Women Working in Alternative Energy Fact Sheet” (Revised: August 2010). You can find the document at:

  7. Catharine says:

    Thought some of you might appreciate Sheryl Sandberg’s TED talk, “Why we have too few women leaders.” It’s at

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