Talk Story – Insights from COP26: Inspiration and Action Items for Hawaii

Zoom January 27, 2022 12:00 pm

Happy New Year!

We celebrated our first WiRE event of the year with a Talk Story from members of Hawaii’s ‘ohana delegation to explore Insights from COP26: Inspiration and Action Items for Hawaii.  While  U.S. emissions rose 6 percent last year, we reflected on Hawaii’s role in global action.


DLNR Chair Suzanne Case, who attended COP26 as part of the Hawaii ‘Ohana Delegation and also signed the Edinburgh Declaration at the conference on behalf of the State of Hawaii.

Councilmember Kelly King, who attended COP26 on behalf of ICLEI-USA and spoke on several panels with an emphasis on multi-level government collaboration, local-level community action, and advancing the circular economy; Kelly also signed the Edinburgh Declaration and helped commit Maui County to biodiversity.


Anu Hittle, Hawai’i Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Coordinator, State of Hawaii, DLNR-OCCL



  • Materials for COP26 and State of Hawaii involvement (Governor and his delegation), along with the Ohana delegation’s presence:
  • Hawaii’s goals and progress in relation to the national and global pledges (see here)