January WiRE: Alan Oshima on the Future of Hawaiian Electric Company

On January 23, we will be hearing from Alan Oshima, President & CEO of Hawaiian Electric Company. Alan will share a few thoughts on leadership and the future. The event will be moderated by Dawn Lippert of the Energy Excelerator.

Friday, January 23, 12:30 - 2:00 PM, Plaza Club in Honolulu

Lunch will be served.

  • WiRE Members: $26
  • Non-members: $36

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WiRE Holiday Luncheon – Year in Review: We’ve Come a Long Way!

On December 4, we will be hearing from a few of Hawaii’s key energy leaders including Shelee Kimura, Vice President, Hawaiian Electric Company; Dawn Lippert, Director, Energy Excelerator; Alicia Moy, President & CEO, Hawaii Gas; and, Veronica Rocha, Renewable Energy Branch Manager, Hawaii State Energy Office. The panel will be moderated by Julie Hong, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton.

Thursday, December 4 from 12:00 noon – 2:00 PM, Plaza Club Honolulu

Check in at 11:45 AM, lunch starts at 12:00 noon, and the program starts at 12:30 PM.

Lunch menu includes:  soup of the day, 2 hot entrees (fish and chicken), sides of starch and vegetables, assorted salads and desserts, coffee, hot tea, and iced tea.

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November Maui WiRE: Renewable Energy K-12 Education



Development of a modern, technologically-savvy clean energy workforce continues to be a high priority for the state. Jobs in energy and the environment are often high-quality, impactful, and attractive to youth – and collaborating to prepare our children for the future is a key strategic priority for Hawaii.

On November 20th, Graham DeVey, Program Manager of MEDB Women In Technology Island Energy Inquiry™ (IEI) program will be discussing IEI’s role in educating teachers and students throughout the state in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Besides hearing from Graham DeVey and an IEI teacher, attendees will also be participating in an IEI hands-on activity to experience first-hand how students learn about renewable energy by engaging in inquiry science and engineering design methods.

Please join us Thursday, November 20th from 11:45 AM-1:30 PM at the MEDB Malcolm Training Center – Maui Research & Technology Park, 1305 N. Holopono Street, Suite 5, Kihei, Maui.

This event will be a brown-bag lunch.

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November WiRE: Getting Around – New Transportation Options in Hawaii

On November 14, we will be hearing about the latest in multi-modal transportation from Blue Planet Foundation, Bikeshare Hawaii, and RideScout. We all use multiple kinds of transportation every day, and this session will explore new options for getting around – options that will result in a more user-friendly, integrated, and cleaner Honolulu.  The panel will feature Jeff Mikulina, CEO, BluePlanet Foundation; Lori McCarney, CEO, Bikeshare Hawaii; Walter Rosenkranz, Business Development Manager, Car2Go (invited); and, Katie Sihler, Vice President of Business Development, RideScout. The panel will be moderated by Asia Yeary, Clean Energy & Transportation Lead, U.S. EPA Region 9.

Friday, November 14 from 12:15-1:45 PM, Plaza Club Honolulu

Lunch will be provided.

We’re ready to roll. Are you?

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October 3: WiRE First Friday Lunch

Our next lunch will be held on Friday, October 3 at 12 noon at Mandalay (located at 1055 Alakea Street). 

Our WiRE Board thought it would be good idea to have monthly informal lunches with our members, to talk story and catch up with each other on our latest energy projects, initiatives, and programs.

To make it easy, we will have a family-style lunch, ordering a variety of dim sum and other specialty dishes.  The cost is approximately $10-12 per person (including tax + tip).

Please RSVP to: hong_julie_y@bah.com, if you are able to attend.

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September WiRE: Understanding Hawaiian Electric’s new plans and strategy

On September 24, we heard about Hawaiian Electric’s new plans and strategy. The presentation slides are now available for download here.

Hawaiian Electric’s recent filings have been the talk of the (energy) town, so we’ve invited HECO executives to come demystify them for WiRE and talk about what it all means.

Jim Alberts, Senior Vice President, Customer Service; Lisa Giang, Director, Corporate Energy Planning Division System Planning Department; and, Shelee Kimura, Vice President, Corporate Planning & Business Development will discuss the Power Supply Improvement Plans, the Distributed Generation Interconnection Plans, and the Integrated Demand Response Portfolio Plan. The discussion will be moderated by Yvette Maskrey of Honeywell.

Wednesday, September 24 from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM, Plaza Club Honolulu

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August WiRE: JUMPSmartMaui – A Panel Discussion


On August 6th, we will hear from a panel of  several important players involved in the JUMPSmartMaui Project.
Tadahiro Togami, Assistant Manager of JUMPSmartMaui’s Project Promotion Center, will be presenting an overview of the demonstration project, the successes and challenges experienced so far, and future goals. Damon Glastetter, Partner of Solar HI, will be sharing his experiences and insights as a JUMPSmartMaui volunteer; and Sharon Suzuki, President of  Maui Electric Company, will be explaining MECO’s role in this demonstration project.

Wednesday, August 6th from 11:30 AM-1:00 PM, Queen Kaahumanu  Shopping Center – JUMPSmartMaui Innovation Center, Kahului, Maui

 This event will be a brown-bag lunch.


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July WiRE: Canada-Hawaii Connections: A Conversation with the Consul General

On July 1st, we will meet with Ms. Cassie Doyle, Consul General at Consulate General of Canada for discussion about cooperation between Hawaii and Canada in deploying and testing energy technologies.

This will be open only to the first 15 women who register; the format will be a conversation, rather than a lecture or panel.

Ms. Cassie Doyle was appointed as Consul General of Canada in January 2011 with accreditation for northern California and Hawaii.

A native of Canada’s west coast, Ms. Cassie Doyle has served at the executive level of all three orders of government including as Deputy Minister with both the governments of Canada and British Columbia. Over the past 15 years, she has led departments that have focused on advancing Canada’s energy, natural resource and environmental agendas.

Click here to view her full profile on Linkedin.

Tuesday, July 1st from 11:30 AM-1:00 PM, Plaza Club Honolulu, Pacific Room

 Lunch includes soup and salad buffet


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June WiRE: Entrepreneurship is the New Black


On June 11, we will hear from several entrepreneurs currently innovating in the energy industry.

Join WiRE for a panel discussion featuring Charlotte Band, People Power; Ian Monroe, Oroeco; and Olin Lagon, Shifted Energy. The panel will be moderated by Jill Sims of the Energy Excelerator. These three companies are part of the Energy Excelerator’s 2014 cohort. People Power turns smart phones into smart homes by enabling homeowners to control and monitor all of their electrical devices. Oroeco has developed a social platform to empower users to reduce their carbon footprint impact through their everyday spending, investment, and lifestyle decisions. Shifted Energy is deploying smart grid, interactive demand response solutions using open standards and their Shifted Energy Hub. Click here to learn more about Energy Excelerator.

Wednesday, June 11 from 8:00-9:30 AM, Plaza Club Honolulu

Breakfast includes coffee/tea, juice, fruit, bagels & cream cheese, pastries, bacon, and eggs.

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May 21: Advancing Transformation Through Policy – A Legislative Update

On May 21, we will discuss how policy is being utilized to transform Hawaii’s energy system and the specific energy issues addressed during the 2014 legislative session.

Join WiRE for a panel discussion featuring Senator Russell Ruderman, Vice-Chair of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee; Representative Chris Lee, Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection; and, Catharine Lo, Communications Director at the Blue Planet Foundation.  The panel will be moderated by Dawn Lippert of the Energy Excelerator.  

Wednesday, May 21, 8:00-9:30 am, Plaza Club in Honolulu

Breakfast includes coffee, juice, bagels & cream cheese, fruit, and pastries, bacon and eggs.

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