Are you a woman working in energy? Come check out WiRE

WiRE is a forum for women who are working to bring about a sustainable Hawaii powered by clean energy.

WiRE is a 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt organization.  WiRE was founded in Fall 2010, and has grown to over 150 annual members, 200 women participating in events, and chapters on two islands (Oahu and Maui).  Women active in the fields of energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and transportation, are welcome to come talk story.  Each month, experts from the energy industry address a different topic – ranging from new projects breaking ground to state policy, workforce development to utility regulation.

As we educate each other, develop relationships, and become aware of new opportunities, we hope the result will be real partnerships and accelerated progress toward a sustainable and prosperous future for Hawaii.


Current Board members appear below.

WiRE Executive Board

             Dawn Lippert                             Yvette Maskrey                              Julie Hong 

          Melissa Miyashiro                       Veronica Rocha

WiRE Advisory Board

                 Connie Lau                                Mina Morita

             Jennifer Sabas                                 Alicia Moy

Why women?*

  • In Hawaii’s Energy & Utilities sector, the average income for men is $61,140, while for women it is $47,606.
  • While women graduates account for 57% of total degrees conferred, women comprise only 18% of computer science and engineering degrees.
  • In the 2011 Hawaii Business Black Book survey, the magazine recorded 18 female CEOs and 120 male CEOS.
  • Women-owned businesses get only 3% of venture capital dollars.
  • To reach our clean energy goals, we need to broaden our overall talent pool by increasing the proportion of women in science, engineering, and energy.

*Thanks to MEDB Women in Technology program for the stats!

Note:  In general, WiRE events are not open to the press.  WiRE provides a forum for leaders to engage leaders in open discussions about their experiences and vision for the future. 


10 Responses to Are you a woman working in energy? Come check out WiRE

  1. Liz Oh says:

    Aloha WiRE team! SolarBridge, a leading provider of integrated microinverters for the solar industry based in Austin, is heading to Hawaii on its ACPV Roadshow Tour! The next stop will be Tuesday, January 29th, at R&R Solar located at 922 Austin Lane, Building D, at 1-6pm, and all are welcome to attend!

    Register at, post to the WiRE Events network, and Tweet @solarbridgetech! Please call me at 415-346-9091 if you have any questions.

    Yours truly,
    Liz Oh

  2. April McClung says:

    Aloha! Our Girl Scout troop is learning all about Energy. We just learned about our Carbon Footprint and we made an Energy Pledge to try to save energy. We would LOVE if one of your ladies could come talk to us. I know there are several other troops working on this as well. Maybe they would like to join us. We are on Hickam Air Force Base. If any of your ladies are interested, could you have them contact me? Thank you so much for all you are doing to make a difference!

  3. Martha Wiley says:

    I thought this story about a family living in a house entirely powered by solar energy would be of interest:

    They certainly set a high bar!

  4. Ivory says:

    Aloha Ladies!

    I thought this may be of interest to you all! The U.S. Department of Energy and the MIT Energy Initiative Announce a Women in Clean Energy Program for United States:

  5. Bambi P. Bjugstad says:

    May I be added to the distribution list? As the energy conservation program manager for the United States Army Garrison Hawaii, I am interested in participating in future WIRE events.
    Bambi P. Bjugstad

  6. deb mewick says:

    hi ~ can i please be added to the email dist list?
    debi merwick
    bishop & co.

  7. Judy Bishop says:

    can you add me to your distribution list?

  8. Veronica Rocha says:

    Is there a distribution list that I may be added to? I would be interested in participating in future WIRE events. Thank you!

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