2017 Calendar of Events

  • February 17 – Leveling-Up Clean Energy Innovation in the Trump Administration
  • March  8 – Creating a Market – Hawaiian Electric Companie’s Demand Response Portfolio
  • April 7 – Community Based Renewable Energy – Hawaii’s Emerging Program

2016 Calendar of Events

  • January 13 – Leading the Charge: State of Hawaii EV Transportation Policies and Trends
  • March  10 – The Energy, Water and Agriculture Nexus
  • May 13 – Policy & Continuity in Clean Energy and Transportation
  • June 14 – Unpacking the PSIP
  • July 21 – Cybersecurity: Challenges in Securing the Electricity Grid
  • September 27 – Pau Hana with the PUC
  • October 21 – Energy Data Ownership, Privacy and Security in the New Age of Informatics
  • December 6 – Holiday Luncheon and Building Connections Speed Mentoring

2015 Calendar of Events

  • January 23 – Alan Oshima on the Future of Hawaiian Electric
  • March 16 – Military Affairs Council Briefing:  Women in Leadership
  • March 6 – Talk Story with Governor Ige
  • April 30 – PV Interconnection – How did we get here and where do we go from here?
  • May 26 – 2015 Legislative Debrief
  • July 30 – Getting Personal:  Your Power to Conserve
  • September 25 – Fall Back to the Future
  • October 13 – Secretary of the Air Force, Deborah Lee James
  • December 2 – Maui WiRE:  SunEdison Kaheawa Wind Project Tour
  • December 3 – Women Leading Transformational Change

2014 Calendar of Events


  • February 20 – Environmental advocacy meets energy: The role advocacy groups play in energy development
  • March 19 – Curtailment: Why are we spilling renewables and how is it getting better through collaboration?
  • April 28 – LNG: Current thinking on logistics, siting, regulation, and financial structures
  • May 21 – Advancing Transformation Through Policy: A Legislative Update
  • June 10 – Entrepreneurship is the New Black
  • July – Systems Integration and Energy Storage
  • September – Pau Hana (5:30 – 7:00 pm)
  • October – 5 Year Checkup: A Look at the Effectiveness and Next Step for the EEPS
  • November – Multimodal Transportation
  • December – Holiday Event, Honolulu

2013 Calendar of Events


  • January 22 – Demystifying Reliability Standards
  • February 26 – Hawaii Energy Policy – 2013 Session
  • April 3 – Sugar-to-Energy, MAUI
  • April 25 – Pau Hana with Connie Lau, President & CEO of HEI
  • May 19 – Maui Smart Grid Projects, MAUI
  • May 23 – No Farms, No Food (No Energy, No Farms)
  • July 26 - Integrated Resource Plan: Results & Impact
  • September 19 – Public Education and the Promotion of Renewable Energy MAUI
  • October 2 – Pau Hana with Alicia Moy, President & CEO of HAWAI’I GAS
  • November 6 – Maui WiRE Event with Kelly King: Sustainable Agriculture Model with Biodiesel, MAUI
  • December 4 – Holiday Event, Honolulu
  • December 5 – Holiday Event, MAUI

2012 Calendar of Events 



  • January 27 – DOD: Reinventing Energy Across the Services (breakfast)
  • March 6 – Talk Story Pau Hana with Hawaii Energy Administrator Mark Glick (pau hana)
  • April 13 – Smart Grid Smarts and Demand Response (breakfast)
  • May 24 – Legislative Digest 2012 (breakfast)
  • June 29 – Future Fuels: Algae Projects in Hawaii (breakfast)
  • August 2 – Talk Story Pau Hana with PUC Commissioner Lorraine Akiba (pau hana)
  • September 19 – Water and Energy (lunch)
  • October 26 – Greening Transportation: Understanding “Multi-Modal” Options  (breakfast)
  • December 6 – Holiday Event (dinner)


  • January 19 – Networking Pau Hana at Bistro Casanova
  • February 9 – Q&A with Governor Neil Abercrombie
  • March 21 – Networking Pau Hana at Flatbread Pizza
  • April 25 – Renewable Energy Legislation with Maui County Energy Commissioner Doug McLeod
  • September 12 – The Energy Future of Maui, MECO President, Sharon Suzuki
  • October 17 – Renewable Energy Panel, Kekoa Kaluhiwa (First Wind), Matias Bessaso (Rising Sun Solar), Kelly King (Pacific Biodiesel), Jay Griffin (Hawaii Natural Energy Institute/Maui Smart Grid)
  • October 17 – Kaheawa Wind Farm Tour by Kekoa Kaluhiwa of First Wind, 2:00-4:00
  • December 6 – Maui WiRE Holiday Party



March 19, 2014. Over 70 women joined a discussion on curtailment and its future implications for and impact on renewable energy projects as well as strategies being considered for addressing it. Why are we spilling renewables, and how is it getting better through collaboration? Panelists included: Lisa Dangelmaier, Manager of Operations & System Planning at HELCO; Dr. Jay Griffin, Chief of Policy & Research at the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission; Dean NishinaUtilities Administrator at the Division of Consumer Advocacy; and, Bash Nola, Utility & Renewable Energy Consultant. The panel will be moderated by Kay Fukunaga of NextEra Energy.

February 20, 2014.  Advocacy groups play an active role in both promoting and questioning clean energy development.  The discussion centered on where these groups come down on interconnection, curtailment, project development, permitting streamlining, and other issues. We talked about both the sticky issues and where they find common ground with Isaac Moriwake, Earth Justice; Stuart Coleman, Surfrider Foundation; Caitlin PomerantzSierra Club; and Jeff Mikulina, Blue Planet Foundation. The panel will be moderated by Asia Yeary of the EPA Region 9. As a follow-up to February WiRE, panelist Isaac Moriwake sent along the following book excerpt, referenced during the panel discussion: American Foundations: An Investigative History by Mark Dowie (Ch. 7- Energy)Also, here is a link to the Science article by Garvin Heath on the Life Cycle Analysis of LNG, referenced by Richard Wallsgrove: Methane Leaks from North American Natural Gas Systems

December 5, 2013. Maui hosted Byron Washom, Pulama Lanai’s Energy Director and UCSD’s Director of Strategic Energy Initiatives, for a holiday event.

December 4, 2013. We asked Connie Lau (CEO, Hawaiian Electric Industries), Jennifer Sabas (former Chief of Staff to Senator Daniel K. Inouye), and Mina Morita (Chairwoman, Hawaii Public Utilities Commission) to share some of the stories of their career.  In a gameshow-style event, we asked the contestants not only about their career highlights and most memorable moments, but also about the things we’re really curious about:  Any funny moments with your job and family/children?  Books they’re currently reading?  Embarrassing childhood moments that foretold your later path? 

November 6, 2013. Maui WiRE Event with Kelly King: Sustainable Agriculture Model with Biodiesel. The presentation summarized a collaborative effort between the military, Hawaii’s only commercial biofuel producer, local farmers and ranchers to establish a zero-waste, truly beneficial community partnership.  The components of a Sustainable Community Model are coming together in Waimea on Hawaii Island and continue to bring in key partners to expand local agriculture for food and fuel, creating jobs, a cleaner/safer environment and energy security.

October 2, 2013. Pau Hana with Alicia Moy, President & CEO of Hawai’i Gas.  WiRE hosted Alicia Moy in a special pau hana to discuss her vision for the Hawai’i Gas company’s focus on fuel sourcing and diversification, strategy growth, and operational performance.  In May 2013, Alicia became the new President and CEO of Hawai’i Gas.  She previously served as Senior Vice President of Macquarie Infrastructure Company, which owns Hawai’i Gas.

September 19, 2013. Going Off Grid: Maui Event with Former Mayor Charmaine Tavares. What are the possibilities on Maui for businesses to go off grid? How does Maui handle battery storage and what are the opportunities in the future? How can Maui handle wind curtailment? WiRE hosted an engaging talk by former Maui Mayor Tavares discussing renewable energy and the options for off grid technologies, battery storage, and wind curtailment options. 

July 26, 2013. Integrated Resource Planning.  At the July WiRE breakfast, we discussed the impacts and results of the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and the utility planning process in Hawaii. An advisory group has been meeting with the utility, PUC, consumer advocate, and other stakeholders for one year to provide input into the utility planning process and Hawaiian Electric Co. published its report on June 28. The next step is a PUC docket to move forward with the report and get more structured involvement from stakeholders, so this was an ideal time for the WiRE community to review the report and have an informal conversation around utility planning. WiRE hosted a panel discussion featuring Jeff OnoConsumer AdvocateLisa GiangHECO; and Isaac MoriwakeEarth Justice. The panel was moderated by Dawn Lippert of the PICHTR Energy Excelerator.

May 23, 2013. No Farms, No Food (No Energy, No Farms).  Ever wonder how food and energy systems work together, and how energy is critical to farming?  WiRE hosted a panel discussion  to answer these questions featuring Giorgio Caldarone of Kamehameha Schools, Lisa Zeman of Oahu Fresh, Richard Ha of Hamakua Springs Country Farms, and Amy Brinker of KYA Sustainability Studio. The panel was moderated by Kay Fukunaga of NextEra Energy.

April 25, 2013. Pau Hana with Hawaiian Electric Industries President and CEO, Connie Lau. WiRE hosted Connie Lau in a pau hana talk store about her experience and vision in today’s evolving business and energy landscape.  Connie currently leads HEI, one of Hawaii’s largest companies and the holding company of the Hawaiian Electric Company and American Savings Bank.

February 26, 2013. Hot Energy Topics:  A Mid-Session Discussion.  WiRE held a mid-session discussion on Hawaii energy policy topics  for anyone wondering what hot topics are being discussed over at the State Capitol these days.  The panel included Senator Mike Gabbard (Chair of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee) and Representative Chris Lee (Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection) and was moderated by PUC Chair Mina Morita.  The dialogue covered energy policy ranging from renewable energy tax credits to alternative fuels and renewable resources to finance mechanisms.

January 22, 2013. Alison Silverstein has been leading the PUC Reliability Standards Working Group. In this special WiRE session, she shared what the group has been doing for the last year and a half, what the standards are, and how they will impact renewable energy development in Hawaii. 

December 6, 2012.  Energizing Education.  The WiRE Holiday Party was held on Thursday, December 6 from 5:30-8:00 p.m. WiRE was delighted and honored to host UH President M.R.C. Greenwood for our 2012 keynote address, “Energizing Education.” Dr. Greenwood shared some of her personal journey to the highest office at UH, reflected on what the state’s transition to clean energy means for UH, and shared how the university system is preparing students for leadership in energy, technology, and innovation.  The Maui WiRE Holiday Event was also held December 6, 2012 with PUC Commissioner Mike Champley.

October 26, 2012.  Greening Transportation.  At our October WiRE breakfast, we explored various modes of transportation and how transportation initiatives contribute to the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI) goal of reducing petroleum used for ground transportation.  Shem Lawlor kicked off the panel by giving an overview of multimodal transportation (including some pros and cons of the rail); Laura Dierenfield from Queen Liliuokalani Trust, where she works in master planning, discussed bicycling initiatives; Roger Morton from The Bus provided an update on the Oahu bus system; and, Crysttal Atkins from the University of Hawaii discussed parking strategies and transportation demand management.  We had a lively multimodal transportation discussion moderated by Asia Yeary of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

October 17, 2012.  Maui Renewable Energy Panel.  A renewable energy panel with some of the top experts on Maui in wind, solar, and biodiesel was held on October 17 from 11:00-1:00.  WiRE hosted Kekoa Kaluhiwa of First Wind, Matias Bessasso of Rising Sun Solar, Kim Haueisen of Pacific Biodiesel, andMatt McNeff, Renewable Energy Director at MECO.  This top panel engaged WiRE members in a discussion about the opportunities and challenges of long-term renewable energy integration on Maui.  Following the panel discussion, Kekoa Kaluhiwa of FIrst Wind took WiRE members on a tour of the new phase II Kaheawa Wind Farm.

September 19, 2012.  Water & Energy: What We Need to Know.  WiRE is very excited to be hosting three water experts for our first-ever lunch: Lauren Roth, Roth Ecological Design International; Carolyn (Cat) Sawai, Honolulu Board of Water Supply; and Dennis Furukawa, Real Green Power.  Water accounts for one of Hawaii’s largest energy demands. requiring electricity to pump it from aquifers, move it around town, and treat it after our use.  What do energy professionals need to know about the challenges, opportunities, & innovative approaches for the water-energy nexus? Come find out Sept 19th!

August 2, 2012.  As of July 2012, we have a new addition to our Hawaii Public Utilities Commission! Join WiRE as we host Commissioner Lorriane Akiba to talk story about her experience, priorities, and vision for this very important role.  This will be an informal event Thursday, August 2, 5:30 pm @ Brasserie Du Vin, on Bethel St., downtown Honolulu.

June 29, 2012. Future Fuels: What Algae Means for Hawaii.  What’s going on with the various algae-to-biofuel projects in Hawaii? How do they relate to each other and what do they mean for our energy future?  When will we be driving and flying on algae fuels; and what is needed from the energy community to help get there?  Join WiRE for a special opportunity to hear Kuehnle AgroSystems, Cellana, Hawaii Bioenergy and Phycal - four of the state’s leading tech companies – in a discussion moderated by Kay Fukunaga of the Ulupono Initiative.


May 24, 2012. Join WiRE for a discussion moderated by PUC Chair Mina Morita, with Senator Mike Gabbard (Chair of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee) and Representative Derek Kawakami (Vice Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection).  WiRE’s 2012 legislative dialogue will cover energy policy from solar tax credits to undersea cable, regulation to biofuels.

April 13, 2012. Greening the Grid: What Smart Grid Means for Hawaii. Join WiRE as Yvette Maskrey of Honeywell facilitates a conversation with Jay Griffin (HNEI) and Angela Eide (HECO) on the hardware and software aspects of the future grid, along with utility and regulatory tools such as demand response.  The focus will be on understanding 1) what a smart grid is and why we need it, 2) how new technologies will help integrate more renewable energy and enhance grid efficiency, and 3) what it will all mean for the customer.

March 6, 2012. You’re invited to a talk story pau hana with State Energy Administrator Mark Glick, who was appointed to the position 4 months ago.  The State Energy Administrator, housed within DBEDT, is responsible for energy programs, policy, planning, and emergency preparedness.  Mark will share his experience so far, elaborate on his vision for the future, and talk story with the women of WiRE.  5:30-7:00 pm, Indigo Restaurant in downtown Honolulu.

January 27, 2012. Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz will introduce this WiRE panel on the Department of Defense and energy.  Join WiRE for the kickoff event of 2012 as Julie Hong of Booz Allen Hamilton facilitates a panel including Joelle Simonpietri (PACOM), Nicole Griffin (MARFORPAC), and Brad Spangler (NAVFAC).  The nation’s largest energy user is not standing idly by watching its >$15 billion fuel bill climb.  All of the services are reducing energy use and converting to renewable resources. PACOM, the Marines, and the Navy will explain how they are using government’s buying power to stimulate clean energy development, why they need to work together across services, and how their strategies ultimately make the U.S. more secure.  Friday 1/27/2012, 8:00 am – 9:30 am, The Plaza Club.

December 8, 2011. This holiday dinner will be WiRE’s capstone event for 2011, featuring Jennifer Sabas, Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye, as the keynote speaker.  She will share perspectives about the early days of the women in technology efforts, current trends in Hawaii, and the 2012 federal government outlook for energy.




October 28, 2011.  As Hawaii gets geared up for APEC, so does WiRE!  Sopogy’s Veronica Rocha and Hoku Corporation CEO Scott Paul share their 5 biggest challenges doing business across the Asia Pacific region and their strategies for finding value and success.  The goal is to help other companies export Hawaii technology and use opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region to create value here in the islands.


September 30, 2011. Are you more efficient than your neighbor? Hawaii Energy’s Program Manager Ray Starling will share the early results and next steps for Hawaii’s OPower Project.  Hawaii Energy & OPower rolled out a 15,000 home pilot on Oahu.  OPower’s reports showing residents how they compare to their neighbors generally save residents 1.5-3.5% on their energy bills.  How have the Hawaii results stacked up?  Will OPower be expanded across the state?

August 5, 2011. Energy Q&A with Governor Abercrombie. WiRE will host Governor Abercrombie for a question and answer session focused on Hawaii’s clean energy policies, projects, and future.  This will be an engaging, informative chance to interact with our state’s chief executive.


June 24, 2011. What’s on the WiRE? Solar Panel Panel. We’ve heard a lot about solar recently; now it’s time to dig into the details.  Developers and utility representatives will talk about the step-by-step process of project development, explain how the feed-in tariff is and isn’t working for photovoltaics, discuss the challenges of having so much solar on the grid – and what the utility and others are doing to actively address it.

* Jody Allione, energy developer for AES Solar
* Tina Sprague, solar developer for Energy Industries
* Dora Nakafuji, renewable energy planning for HECO
* Moderated by Yvette Maskrey, district manager for Honeywell Hawaii

June Solar Panel Panel

May 27, 2011. What’s on the WiRE? 2011 Legislative Digest, Join our expert panel to hear their stories behind 2011′s clean energy and economic development decisions, and engage in a conversation about how our community can make the most of the current policy structure.

* Senator Carol Fukunaga, Chair of the Senate Committee on Economic Development and Technology
* Representative Denny Coffman, Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection
* Jeff Mikulina, Executive Director of the Blue Planet Foundation
* Melissa Pavlicek, President of Hawaii Public Policy Advocates

April 29, 2011: What’s on the WiRE?  Ever Wonder About the Women Behind the Power? Moderated by Connie Lau (HEI).  The panel included senior leadership of HECO:

*Tayne Sekimura – SVP, Chief Financial Officer
* Darcy Endo-Omoto – VP, Government and Community Affairs
* Lynne Unemor – VP, Corporate Relations
* Susan Li – VP, General Counsel
* Cecily Barnes – Manager of Biofuels Acquisition
* Dora Nakafuji – Director of Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Research

April 1, 2011: What’s on the WiRE? Utility Regulation: Changing the Rules to Change the Game, Moderated by Yvette Maskrey (UH), Panelists:

* Chairwoman Hermina Morita (Hawaii Public Utilities Commission – pending confirmation)
* Catherine Awakuni (Hawaiian Electric Company)
* Estrella Seese (Hawaii State Energy Office)
* Pamela Ann Joe (Sopogy)

February 25, 2011: What’s on the WiRE? Green Workforce of the Future, Moderated by Shanah Trevenna (UH), Panelists:

* Leslie Wilkins (MEDB)
* Ivory McClintock (Blue Planet Foundation)
* Marguerite Harden (RISE / Kupu Hawaii)
* Amita Aung‐Thwin (Dept of Labor and Industrial Relations)

January 28, 2011: What’s on the WiRE? The New Administration and Changing Policies, Moderated by Dawn Lippert (PICHTR), Panelists:

* Richard Lim (DBEDT)
* Mina Morita (Hawaii State Representative)
* Kelly King (Pacific Biodiesel)
* Maria Tome (Hawaii State Energy Office)

Top left to right: Dawn Lippert, Director Richard Lim, Maria Tome; Bottom: Kelly King, Rep. Mina Morita

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