We welcome all women working toward clean energy to attend WiRE events.  However, if you’d like to go one step further to support WiRE, please consider becoming a member.  Your membership is good for the calendar year in which you sign up and you will be prompted to renew every January.  For the annual membership fee of $25, you get benefits such as:

  • Discount on all WiRE events (~40% per event)
  • Early registration notice for popular WiRE events
  • Name and organization on website so that other WiRE members can find you

BECOME a member or RENEW your membership for 2017

Many thanks to our 2017 members!

First Name Last Name Company
Piia Aarma Pineapple Tweed
Briana Ackerman Hawaiian Electric Company
Lorraine Akiba Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
Sarah Amadeo Sunpower Corporation
Teddi Anderson TLC PR
Denissa Andrade Maui Economic Development Board
Catherine Awakuni Colón DCCA
Cecily Barnes Hawaiian Electric Company
Kirsten Baumgart Turner Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard
Tammy Campbell Rising Sun Solar
Tracy Camuso G70
Caroline Carl Hawaii Energy
Chelsie Castillo Blue Planet Foundation
Marcey Chang DCCA
Susan Char Hawaiian Electric Company
Jessica Chillingworth DCCA
Ruth Chu Hawaii Gas
Marisa Chun Hawaiian Electric Company
Dorothy Clegg Bethke+Clegg
Leslie Cole-Brooks DERC
Liz Colwell Rising Sun Solar
Renee Comly BESI & W2E
Holly Dagostino ERM
Rebecca Dayhuff Matsushima Hawaiian Electric Company
Ka’iulani De Silva Hawaiian Electric Company
Shayna Doi Hawaii Energy
Angie Eide Hawaiian Electric Company
Jennifer Elfalan Hawaiian Electric Company
Darcy Endo-Omoto Hawaiian Electric Company
Emily Erickson Hawaii Energy Strategists
Vivian Fisher Honeywell International
Jessica Freedman Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
Rachel Fukumoto Hawaii Energy
Lisa Giang Hawaiian Electric Company
Gail Godenzi Island Energy Services
Gail Haraguchi HDR
Lisa Harmon Leidos Engineering, LLC
Amy Hennessey Ulupono Initiative
Nohealani Hirahara Hawaiian Electric Company
Lisa Hiraoka State of Hawaii
Julie Hong Booz Allen Hamilton
Lori Hoo Hawaiian Electric Company
Caroline Ishida DCCA / PUC
Mihoko Ito Slovin & Ito
Rachel James HCATT
Karissa Jonas Kauai Island Utility Cooperative
Rene Kamita DCCA
Stacey Kawano OpTerra Energy Services
Lisa Kikuta Hawaiian Electric Company
Layla Kilolu Elemental Excelerator
Lily Koo Hawaii Energy
Valerie Kubota Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority
Deborah Kwan Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
Christine Lanning Integrated Security Technologies
Constance Lau Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.
Kathleen Lee Hawaii Public Policy Advocates, LLC
Cheryl Leong DCCA
Susan Li Hawaiian Electric Company
Jennifer Lindsey Hawaii Gas
Dawn Lippert Elemental Excelerator
Desiree Lipscomb DCCA
Molly Lopes Enersol
Kaui Lucas ThinkTech Hawaii
Sandy Ma DCCA
Aki Marceau Elemental Excelerator
Yvette Maskrey Honeywell International
Michele Masterfano Michele Masterfano Marketing
Nikki Matsumura DCCA / PUC
Kelly McCanlies Hawaiian Electric Company
Laura McIntyre State of Hawaii, Department of Health
Katherine McKenzie Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
Colette Miller Hawaiian Electric Company
Kendys Min Hawaiian Electric Company
Melissa Miyashiro Blue Planet Foundation
Pam Moore Hawaii Gas
Rosella Motoki Hawaiian Electric Company
Ellen Nashiwa Maui Electric Company
Emilia Noordhoek Sustainable Molokai
Ashley Norman Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
Marie OGrady Elemental Excelerator
Nami Ohtomo Cardno
Asahi Oshiro UHERO
Lalaine Pasion Maui Economic Development Board
Ann Pobutsky DCCA
Mapu Quitazol Maui Economic Development Board
Elizabeth Raman Hawaii State Energy Office
Kathleen Ramirez U.S. Air Force
Cheryl Roberto TFC Utilities, LLC
Veronica Rocha Hawaii State Energy Office
Ghissou Rosala Hawaii Smart Energy
Samantha Ruiz DCCA / PUC
Sherri Sakamoto DCCA
Merissa Sakuda Hawaii State Energy Office
Germaine Salim-Hagihara Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
Clarice Schafer Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
Jennifer Scheffel SSFM International
Cara Scoffings Hawaii Gas
Ramsay Siegal Elemental Excelerator
Jill Sims Elemental Excelerator
Gail Slawson-Eich OceanHead Solar & Electric
Shannon Smith Hawaii Pacific Solar
Julie Smolinski Hawaiian Electric Industries
Samantha Sneed ES&A, Inc.
Kym Sparlin DBEDT
Jessica Stenz Elemental Excelerator
Jen Stolpe Enersol
Tori Suarez OpTerra Energy Services
Sharon Suzuki Maui Electric Company
Gail Suzuki-Jones Hawaii State Energy Office
Barbara Tanabe Hoakea Communications
Manda Tong Maui Economic Development Board
Kirsten Baumgart-Turner Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard
Kawena Uyematsu Honeywell
Heather Wallenstrom Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority
Melinda White Maui Economic Development Board
Leslie Wilkins Maui Economic Development Board
Tiffany Yajima Ashford & Wriston
Gwen Yamamoto Lau Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority
Jacy Youn OpTerra Energy Services
Isla Young Maui Economic Development Board
Kelu Zhang DCCA

4 Responses to Membership

  1. Carol Bain says:

    As an elected director of Kaua’i Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) since 2007 , I am committed to renewable energy solutions for Hawai’i. I am very interested in becoming a WiRE member. There are many women “energy” providers. Question: Who are the major sponsors of the WiRE organization? Or is it just supported from our $25 member dues?

    • administrator says:

      WiRE is supported from the $25 member dues and the work of volunteers! We will also have opportunities for companies to sponsor. WiRE has filed for a 501(c)3 designation from the IRS, so we expect to be able to accept tax-deductible donations soon. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at WiRE!

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