WiRE Talk Story: Scott Glenn, Chief Energy Officer

Scott Glenn, Chief Energy Officer at Hawaii State Energy Office, joined WiRE as part of our Talk Story Series to answer some rapid-fire questions from Jordan Little, Senior Manager at Pacific Current, and discuss his 30 day, 6 month and 3 year plans for the State Energy Office.

October 29th 
12:00-12:45 pm



This session is part of a series of virtual conversations with leaders working on creating a future powered by renewable energy. Continuing through the end of the year, each 45-minute Zoom session will spotlight one leader who will share a personal glimpse into their leadership and career journey as well as their vision for our collective clean energy future.
We know that many of you are juggling multiple priorities and may be feeling fatigue with video conferencing and webinars. That’s why we’re taking a refreshed approach with these sessions to offer a more personal, informal, and shorter dialogue to re-energize your work and re-connect with fellow WiRE members.