WiRE Talk Story: Prof & Technical Dev Scholarship & Pre-Approved Packages

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During this session, we heard from three of our fellow WiRE members who took part in the WiRE Professional & Technical Development Scholarship program. They shared why they decided to partake in their development program and how they made the ask.

Clarice Schafer, Supervising Utility Analyst at Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

Jordan Little, Senior Manager of Asset Management & Business Development at Pacific Current Hawaii

Kirstin Punu, Community Engagement & Strategic Partnerships at AES Distributed Energy

We also launched some pre-approved development programs and coaching packages.

We know that many of you are juggling multiple priorities and may be feeling fatigue with video conferencing and webinars. That’s why we’re taking a refreshed approach with these sessions to offer a more personal, informal, and shorter dialogue to re-energize your work and re-connect with fellow WiRE members.