WiRE Breakfast: Electric Transportation in Hawaii

On March 10, 2023, WiRE hosted a breakfast panel discussion focused on electric transportation in Hawaii. Grace Relf, Chief of Policy & Research at the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission, provided opening remarks about the energy industry.

Attendees learned about the State’s plan to deploy $6.1 million in charging stations as part of their NEVI Plan, heard about Hawaiian Electric’s $4.8 million Charge Up Commercial make ready infrastructure pilot, and found out how the US Postal service is electrifying their fleet, thanks to analyses by ICF International.

Opening Remarks, Energy Industry Insights & Vision: Grace Relf, Chief of Policy & Research, Public Utilities Commission

Moderator: Tabatha Knudson, Mobility & Equity Coordinator, Blue Planet


  1. Dre Kalili, Deputy Director, Hawaii Department of Transportation – Harbors
  2. Ida Taylor, Product Manager, Charge Up Commercial, Hawaiian Electric
  3. Susan Asam, Vice President, Climate Planning + ICF Climate Center Senior Fellow, ICF International