Performance Based Regulation

On December 23, 2020 the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission issued a historic order for Performance Based Regulation (PBR). On February 26th from 12-1 PM, WiRE hosted an exciting discussion about the many details of PBR in Hawai’i.

Panelists included:


  • Commissioner Jennifer Potter, Hawaii PUC
  • Cara Goldenberg, Manager, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Grace Relf, Senior Utility Analyst, Hawaii PUC
  • Gina Yi, Interim Chief Engineer, Hawaii PUC


We learned more about the multi-year stakeholder engagement process leading up to the Decision and Order – including goals and outcomes, notable milestones and challenges to overcome. We will also explore the post Decision and Order working group efforts currently underway and activities planned through June 2021. Attendees also gained insight into the plans for PBR implementation over the next few years.

For some additional information, we welcome you to review the PUC’s PBR Phase 2 D&O 5 Page Summary. You can also visit the PUC’s Performance Based Regulation website for some detailed content on the proceedings.